7th Floor Sessions

by Jammer's Waffle House

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Jammer's Waffle House is back with 7th Floor Sessions! The EP is JWH's third release and takes the listener into the realm of inspiration, loss, love and reflection. The EP features "Shine" and "Tonight" which are two brand new compositions. The 7th Floor Sessions also offers Jammer's Waffle House in an acoustic setting with 2 new versions of Words Of Love and Let's Fall Down. Enjoy the newest pressing off of the waffle iron and stay tuned to for more original recipes.


released January 3, 2015

The Staff

Matthew Hinojosa - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar (2), Keyboards, Sythns, Handclaps, Snaps

Jovan Suvajac - Lead Guitar, Percussion, Sythns, Handclaps, Snaps

Russell Sweeney - Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Synths

Josh Mcphereson - Vocals, Bass, Handclaps, Snaps

Nick Triggs - Drums, Percussion, Hand Claps, Snaps

Songs Arranged and Performed by Jammer's Waffle House

All songs written by Matthew Hinojosa

Tracks Mastered by Gage Funkenhauser

Produced by Jammer's Waffle House

Mixed by Jammer's Waffle House execpt for:
Track 1 Jammer's Waffle House and Gage Funkenhauser



all rights reserved


JAMMER'S WAFFLE HOUSE Mississauga, Ontario

Jammer’s Waffle House is an Indie Pop Rock band founded in 2012 through a shared passion to make music and entertain. Since the beginning JWH has provided a strong and diverse repertoire spanning across many genres. The band has gained many fans over the years with their unique sound. Whether you’ve loved, lost or even if you’re hungry there is a song to grab your attention. ... more

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Track Name: Shine
Shine (Hinojosa)

Lights camera action for love
The Less attracted the more that comes
Could we just pretend that everything will work out on its own?
And surface all that was and is to show

If we cannot love
And if we cannot fear
And if this all is wrong is it clear?

I'm gonna let it SHINE

Dust coats the memories in my heart
More dark than empty and nowhere to start
Could we just pretend that eveything will go just by?
And the memories that are hidden will find the light

If we cannot love
And if we cannot hate
And if this love is wrong is it fate

I'm gonna let it SHINE
Track Name: Tonight
Tonight (Hinojosa)

I sit here and wonder
I think I'm just fine
But then I start to wander
And I think that I wasted my time

When you came in and let me down
Things can't turn right around
When you've changed your whole life

I think that I loved you
Did you feel the same?
If something were to happen
You know that I'd take all the blame

But its spiraling in and out
Things just can't quite work out
Just like there all supposed to be

I might have been offended
When you said goodbye
So next time you see him
You tell him I said "hi"

Oh just baby don't let me down
Turn this all upside down
And look at what its supposed to be

Well, I wanna know whats going on
And I wanna see whats going on
And you wanna be whats going on

But I put my heart
And I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

If I gave you the best of me
Oh I gave you the best of me
You know you got the best of me
TONIGHT I let you go

I think that you're happy
And that suits you fine
But did ya ever stop to wonder
Was the happiness ever mine?

So I'll sit back and straighten up
Things are starting to look up
When I've changed everything

TONIGHT (I know)
Track Name: Words Of Love (Unplugged)
Words Of Love (Hinojosa)

Started the motion carried it through
Start pounding, carry the tune
No understanding at all

Pulling it in glad to be here
Frozen in time but so hard to hear
The greatest wonder of all

Can't you just feel
How can it be
Why can't you speak
The words of love
Can't you just know
Or maybe baby just understand
The upside you know well he's got a plan
For the words of love

Pulling me in blessed the sound
Putting lip stick on the mound
In the heart of the dump

Pressure it bends but don't count on me
Look at the world and why can't you speak
The words of love

Meaning the words making you see
The inner light, the smoke and the travisty
Smiling back at you

Should I bow or recommend?
All those things I could have said
For the words of love
Track Name: Let's Fall Down (Unplugged)
Let's Fall Down (Hinojosa)

When summer ends the leaves drop down
The air is crisp the sun is loud
The world returns to form

Thoughts arrive like letters past
Digging in and moving fast
I try to go but I can't run and you can't hide away


Footprints last till the wound has healed
You dream of things that aren't yet real
And emphasize a point

You look about the closing door
You think of things that were before
You understand that I'm standing here and I can't walk away


Cause sometimes you make it
And the others you take it
Cause some times you're naked
But you know that I ain't fakin