Sandcastle In The Rain


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We recorded this album between November 2103 and May 2014 at FunkenAudio.

All of the tracks were mixed and mastered by GAGE at FunkenAudio.


released June 29, 2014

All songs written by Matthew Hinojosa except for
Four Days, Forgot The Time by Jovan Suvajac/Matthew Hinojosa and
Biscuits And Waffles - Jovan Suvajac/Matthew Hinojosa/Harrison Vetro

All songs arranged and performed by Jammer's Waffle House

Jammer's Waffle House Staff (Alphabetically):

Matthew Hinojosa - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Josh McPherson - Bass
Jovan Suvajac - Lead Guitar
Russell Sweeney - Keyboard and Backing Vocals
Nick Triggs - Drums



all rights reserved


JAMMER'S WAFFLE HOUSE Mississauga, Ontario

Jammer’s Waffle House is an Indie Pop Rock band founded in 2012 through a shared passion to make music and entertain. Since the beginning JWH has provided a strong and diverse repertoire spanning across many genres. The band has gained many fans over the years with their unique sound. Whether you’ve loved, lost or even if you’re hungry there is a song to grab your attention. ... more

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Track Name: 4 Days
4 Days (Hinojosa/Suvajac)

Well every time it happens
Well it always ends the same
One day of endless glory
And three days of endless pain, yea!

Oh, well every time I get there
Well I never ever peak
I will never ever lose control
Cause I do it every single week, yea!

Well we working hard for 4 days
Everybody always has
Working hard for 4 days babe ain’t never seemed so bad, nah nah

I said
4 Days babe, waste my time
4 Days babe, get in line
4 Days babe, waste my time
I said it’s guaranteed to make you feel alive!

Well I think I’ll conclude
With this very mute point
I will never ever lose my head
Cause my necks all out of joint, yea

Track Name: Forgot The Time
Forgot The Time (Hinojosa/Suvajac)

I forgot the last time
The last time we met it all went south
I can’t forget you
Regret you I can’t, and never will

Have you ever built a sandcastle in the rain?
It holds up for awhile before it washes all away
That’s how I feel about the way that all things go
Let it sink, let it swim, let it sit,
Let it go (x3) let it go cause


Have you ever looked in the eye of the storm?
Let it sink in son won’t you accept it as the norm
Forget the time before it washes all away
Let me sin, let me swing, let me sit
Go away (x3) go away cause


I’m standing at the edge of time for you
I’m standing at the edge of time
I’m standing don’t you ever leave me girl
I never forgot the time

Track Name: Good Morning Afternoon
Good Morning Afternoon (Hinojosa)

I’d rather stay dry and weather the storm
Take it back stage and pass to perform
Hide in the shadows that lie about the light
In the blind man’s fears and in his sights

Thunder rumble and lightning crashes down
Like and apple pie that a hobo has found
Like a fish with Styrofoam attached to its fin
Won’t you stick around son and finish the sin

Because inspiration is perspirations first creation
That was today’s tomorrow’s yesterday
I’ll figure it out one day soon
So I’ll say good morning to the afternoon
Good morning afternoon (x2)
I want your evening now
So let me wonder how

Water drips from fingers held high
Raining down on those of us just trying to get by
With a little luck well we could work it all out
Won’t you look inside and see what life is all about


Can’t you see we’ve gone to far
Changed so much you see we’ve forgotten who we are
I’ve said my piece but you all will rue the day
You all changed what I’ve said and washed it all away

Track Name: Just A Face
Just a Face (Hinojosa)

This one goes out to the people
And this one goes out to the crowd
This one goes out to all the times

I sang my song, you ate it up
It’s what I had and you took too much
Well I’m alright and it’s ok
I guess I’m just a face

This one goes out to old friends
And this one goes out to lurking shadows on my wall
Yes they do, and they’re there, and I see
And this one goes out to all the times

Passed me by, you didn’t look
It’s what I had and it’s what you took
Well I’m alright and it’s ok
I guess I’m just a face

Well I guess I’m just a stupid little face
I guess I’m just a face
Oh god, don’t let me be a face

I’ve gotta find a way to take a back the things that I’ve said
I didn’t mean them baby should have kept’em in my head
I don’t wanna stay but I’m stuck right here
I’m alive and I‘m with you
Its what we had and its what you knew
Well I’m alright and it’s ok

This one goes out to old love
And this one goes out to broken glass that I stepped on
This one goes out to all the times

I propped you up, you let me down
It’s not your fault I like the taste of the ground
Well I’m alright and you’re ok
I guess I’m just a face

I guess I’m just a stupid little face/Guess I’m just a face
Track Name: Insomnia
Insomnia (Hinojosa)

Could you look at me the way you look at them
The times you’ve seen from there and back again
To close your eyes and dance about the dark
The faded frame that becomes the work of art

The starry night that holds the morning sun
To the rougeing eyes that are always on the run
The way it goes is the same way that it ends
The breaking bone that always just bends

Well I can’t sleep
Cause I’m so unique
And I can’t cry
Cause you just crossed the line

The ceiling holds a canvas to the sky
With all the meaning getting caught up in the why
Would you understand if someone voiced it true?
The bleeding hearts and the morning that we knew

The closing cage with hands that seek to hold
The fading light and doing what were told!
Smiling here but shoulders to my face
The founding words that intend to disgrace

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: All The Best
All The Best (Hinojosa)

Writing letters all day long
Telling all my stories, rambling on
Reminisce of days long past
But you see they’ve gone to fast

I try to grab hold and not let go
But time won’t seem to go to slow
As I write all night and day
I know you’ll be on your way

So all the best to you I write
Hope this letter reaches overnight
All the best to young and all
But mostly out to you the one I call

Many things I’ve said and told
But I can do very little now I’m old
Little regrets I had, oh they just fade away
And now I feel I’m miles away

High above and far between
Memories are merely but dream
But now how faint and weary
Do I grow because there’s no place left to go


So all the best to you I write
I’ve made sure I’ve set things right
Tell my dear I loved her so
But now it’s time for me to go
Track Name: Let's Fall Down
Let’s Fall Down (Hinojosa)

When summer ends the leaves drop down
The air is crisp the sun is loud
The world returns to form

Thoughts arrive like letters past
Digging in and moving fast
The time has come and I can’t run away

Let’s fall down (x2)

Footprints last till the wound has healed
You dream of things that aren't yet real
And emphasize a point

You look around the closing door
You think of things that were before
You understand I’m standing here and I can’t hide away

Let’s fall down (x2)

Cause sometimes, you make
And the others, you take it
And sometimes, you’re naked
But you know that, I ain’t fakin

Let’s fall down (x2)
Track Name: House Of Mirrors (Instrumental)
Sorry no lyrics as Josh refuses to sing on this song
Track Name: Words Of Love
Words Of Love (Hinojosa)

Started the motion carried it through start pounding
Carry the tune, no understanding at all

Pulling me in glad to be here
Frozen in time but so hard to hear
The greatest wonder of all

Oh can’t you just feel
Oh how can it be?
Why can’t you see?
Oh the words of love

Oh can’t you just know
Or maybe baby just understand
The upside you know well he’s got a plan
For the words of love

Holding it in blessed the sound
Putting lipstick on the mound in the heart of the dump

Pressure it bends but don’t count on me
Look at the world and why can’t you speak
Oh the words of love


Meaning the words
Making you see the inner light the smoke and the travesty
Smiling back at you

Should I bow or recommend?
All those things I could have said
For the words of love

Track Name: Holly's Lost
Holly’s Lost (Hinojosa)

It’s been a day it’s been a night
It’s been a moment where I’ve gone to far and just inside the light
Could I just have and not just hold
And maybe just understand that all I’ve bought has just been undersold

What can I do? /When there’s nothing left to prove?

Holly you’re lost
Holly you’re found
Holly you never touch the ground
Holly you’re good
Holly you’re great
Holly you’d never make me wait
Holly you want
Holly you need
Holly you never let me see

Would it be wrong to call your name?
Confess to the world that I miss your warmth but just ignite the flame
Inherit the cold and leave the dark
And maybe just understand that all I’ve done is just to leave a mark

What can I do? /When there nothing left to do?


Cause you try sometimes but you just gotta let it go
Cause you have some things you’re just not supposed to know
Cause you want, what you have, what you need

Wiping the dirt from the grave
Praying to god all the time we’ve have has overwrite the save
Everything’s good but I’m just gold
So maybe just understand that all I’ve done has helped me grow old

What can I do? /When there’s nothing left to prove?

(Chorus x3)
Track Name: Biscuits And Waffles
Biscuits And Waffles (Suvajac/Hinojosa/Vetro)

Biscuits and waffles my, my, my, my
No, No, No No, Hey, hey
Where’s my love?
Oh lord where did she go?
She gone and take my biscuits and waffles

Well I woke up this morning
I ran down stairs so fast you know I really couldn’t wait
I sat down at the table/with a smile for ear to ear
Getting some biscuits and waffles from my dead


So I’m a sitting at that table with a smile so large
I’ve been waiting for this moment all day my mind wouldn’t barge
I’m a start my day right with that very first bite
I’m getting kind of hungry I could really go for a little bit of a ginger
Scat Solo!